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The regulations by virus is moderated nowadays.

And under these circumstances, demand of inbound tourism marketing is growing rapidly.

Now visitors expect not only shopping or sightseeing, experiential learning tours are receiving a public attention.

Among them, 【NINJA】is especially popular  for foreign tourists.

However, there are not enough historical materials has left, and not many people can explain exactly what NINJA is, too.

So this situation might put spurs to mysterious attraction of them.

During the Warring states period, NINJAS go to several regions to collect information about enemies for giving advantage to employer as hired soldiers.

They use various secret techniques or tactics and plays active part at battles. 

Our NINJAS train day by day, have got special skills of acrobatic performances and sword fight.

Some of them have been trained in IGA where is the mecca of NINJA culture.

They performed at ISE summit or some events are held in overseas countries.

We send NINJAS for giving a boost to events here in FUKUOKA, KYUSHU. 

Let’s enjoy real stage performance or shuriken throwing experience and feel existence of NINJA close to you!!

We can suggest different  plans , arrange performance and styles of event according to number of the people or place where it holds at.

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